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November 9, 2023

Greening the OR2

Why Green the OR?

Sue Pepin, RN, CNOR, Service Line Supervisor

Region's Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota

Enterprising GOR

Allison Egan, Sustainability Manager


Reusable sterilization containers vs. blue wrap

Amanda Holloway, Sustainability Director, Mayo Clinic

Anesthesia gas reduction strategies

Dr. Molly Herr, Anesthesiologist, Mayo Clinic

(Photo from Anesthesiology, 2021)

:55-32:55-3:20 Anesthesia gas reduction strategies: Reducing costs & environmental impacts, Dr. Molly Herr,  Anesthesiologist, Mayo Clinic:20 Anesthesia gas reduction strategies: Reducing costs & environmental impacts, Dr. Molly Herr,  Anesthesiologist, Mayo Clinic

July 20, 2023

Plants, Pollinators and Pedal Power  

Monarch on Echinacea

Use IPM & pollinator plants to reduce pesticide use and conserve pollinators

Dr. Vera Krischik, Associate Professor,

College of Food, Agricultural &

Natural Resource Sciences, University of Minnesota

Planning & planting Allina Health's pollinator gardens

Dr. Suzanne Savanick-Hansen

Sustainability Manager, Allina Health 

allina bike center

Allina Health's bike facility

Adam Juul, Director, Facilities & Real Estate

Allina Health

March 17, 2023

Blueprinting resilience for your facilities and community.  

Resilient adaptation sustainable buildings

Liz Kutschke, Research Fellow

Center for Sustainable Buildings Research

University of Minnesota


Assessing your facilities' vulnerabilities

Jessica Livingston, MPH, Sustainability Business Analyst Associate

Allina Health

st cloud wwtp

Resilient Communities: How St. Cloud is planning for the future,

Shanna Czeck, Water Quality Coordinator and

Rocio Durkot, Water Quality Specialist

November 17, 2022

Getting the Carbon Out: State & Federal Decarbonization Initiatives


An overview

Amanda Jarrett Smith, Climate Section Supervisor, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Aisha Ellis, Special Assistant to the Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Health & Human Services' Decarbonization in Healthcare pledge, update and tools

Jenny Keroack, Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, Health and Human Services


Energy Star's Portfolio Manager: Tracking building greenhouse gases

Clark Reed, National Program Manager, Energy Star

Clark Reed, National Program Manager, Energy Star

Practice Greenhealth's Scope 3 Tool

Keith Edgerton, Associate Director Climate Solutions, Healthcare without Harm/Practice Greenhealth

June 7, 2022

Caring for health with net zero carbon

Tools for Accounting Healthcare's GHG Emissions

Keith Edgerton, U.S. Associate Director of Climate Solutions, Healthcare without Harm/Practice Greenhealth

Developing Mayo Clinic’s Carbon Calculation Framework

Amanda Holloway, Sustainability Director, Mayo Clinic 

HealthPartners’ Carbon Reduction Plan

Dana Slade, Sustainability Director HealthPartners

September 30, 2021

Environmental success stories from the pandemic


Decarbonizing Healthcare

Allina Health and energy efficiency

Shanda Demorest, Sustainability Strategy manager, Practice Greenhealth

Suzanne Savanick-Hansen, Sustainability coordinator, Allina Health

Food service & telemedicine successes

Amanda Holloway, Sustainability Director, Mayo Clinic

Dana Slade, Sustainability Director, HealthPartners

Managing COVID waste and waste reduction

Catherine Zimmer, Zimmer Environmental Improvement LLC on behalf of MnTAP

George Johnson, GEMS coordinator, Minneapolis Veteran's Administration Medical Center

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December 13, 2019

Scoping out healthcare purchasing

The cost of ownership: the true cost of products

Beth Eckl, Director, Environmental Purchasing, Practice GreenHealth

Sustainable supply chain, not an oxymoron

Amanda Holloway, Sustainability Director,

Mayo Clinc

Dana Slade, Director of Sustainability Programs, HealthPartners

EPP for your smaller facility

Melissa Peck, Sustainable Materials, Environmental Specialist, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Successful EPP in fleet services

Anne Hunt, Director, MN Office of Enterprise Sustainabilty

June 25, 2019

Change is a comin': Pharmaceutical waste management in Minnesota

Changes in Pharmaceutical waste management in Minnesota

Josh Burman, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

Vendor offerings

Mellissa Turner, Clean Harbors

Aaron Uecker, Jamison Reginek, Veolia

Denise Deutsch, Jill Ingalls, Stericycle

April 25, 2019

Water, water everywhere?

Supplying water in the Metro

Brian Davis, Metropolitan Council

Minnesota’s groundwater: supply, quality and conservation

Carmelita Nelson, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Water conservation success at Hennepin Health & North Memorial Health

Jane Paulson, Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP)

Jordan Reller, North Memorial Health

Protecting patients, protecting water: BMP for water conservation and Legionella

Karla Peterson, Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)

December, 7 2018

Healthy healthcare, healthier homes

What are healthy interiors?

Lindsey Evenson
Sandy Christie
Perkins + Will

Supporting the supply chain in procuring less toxic products.

Melissa Peck, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Healthcare's healthy interiors.

George Johnson, VA Medical Center

Healthier homes, healthier families

Tom Johnson, Clean Water Action/Healthy Legacy

September 26, 2018

Healthcare resiliency: measuring emissions, managing energy & reducing costs

An Enterprise Approach to Sustainability

Larry Herke, Director

Minnesota Office of Enterprise Sustainability

Mitigating climate change: a healthcare toolkit

Lauren Koch, Associate Director Climate & Health

Practice Greenhealth

From the bottom up, people are key to energy savings

Eric O'Neill, PE

Michael's Energy

Prioritizing resources Carbon Footprint Calculations

Sam McKeough, Coordinator

Dana Slade, Director

HealthPartners' Sustainability Office

April 6, 2018

Beyond the Basics: the 4Rs of healthcare waste reduction

HealthPartners Recycling Program

Dana Slade, Sustainability Director, HealthPartners

Mayo Clinic's recycling program

Glen Goodsell, Recycling Coordinator, Mayo Clilnic

December 11, 2017

"Cutting chloride, clinching clean water"

Environmental effects of Salt

Brooke Asleson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

A win/win: Park Nicollet's award winning snow & ice program

Jim Holm, Park Nicollet Grounds & Site Manager

Charles Glossup, Hantho Farms

September 19, 2017

Energy Efficiency: a prescription for a healthy climate and the bottom line